Version 3.00.00 released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.00 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.


[Change] [BREAKING] API change: Introduced new parameters in EDIGlobal.SetTableView and EDIGlobal.GetTableView. Use EDI Integration codeunit instead of EDI Global.
[Change] [BREAKING] API change: Removed SetTableView, GetTableView, ResetTableView from EDI Mapping Management. Use EDI Integration codeunit instead.
[Change] [BREAKING] Changed mapping conditionals to fully support functions. You have to select the function again on existing conditions in mappings.
[Change] Changed default communication channel in new mapping to '' instead of 'FILE'
[Change] Changed default value of property "Auto Insert" to false for tables in update mode
[Change] Removed field user profile from setup
[Change] Change handling of list properties. It is now possible to directly delete entries and there are no empty ones created. YOu might want to clean up existing lists, but it is not neccessary.
[Change] Changed EDIFACT/X12 converter to use encodings from EDI Management instead of own implementation
[Change] API Change: Removed parameters from EDI Processing Queue.ProcessSynchronously. Use codeunit EDI Integration instead
[Change] API Change: Removed internal public function Process() from EDI Processing Queue
[Feature] New format type 'Number' to format numbers with leading zeros, change the seperator characters etc.
[Feature] Support for German ZUGFeRD standard (embedded XML data in PDF/A)
[Feature] Lookup of table keys in properties
[Feature] Ask question, whether to keep the existing field mappings, if the direction in TEXT mappings is changed
[Feature] UTF8 support in EDIFACT and Text/CSV converter for 2013R2 and newer. The XML converter has UTF8 support in all versions.
[Feature] Improved UI by showing help texts and allow to quick edit important properties
[Feature] Support for conditional output for XML, Text, EDIFACT exports implemented
[Feature] New field Use System Value in EDI Contact to use the values from the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV table
[Feature] Added action to send and receive directly from the communication channel (in addition to the edi folder)
[Minor Improvement] Improved error message for trailing XML data
[Minor Improvement] Changed handling of TESTFIELDs to EDI Variant
[Minor Improvement] X12 names of unknown elements are now TAG001...TAG999
[Bug] After post-processing an XML/Text Mapping the named table view 'TRANSMISSION' was not set
[Bug] XML namespaces did not always work on the element they are declared on
[Bug] Copy a mapping from export to import direction was possible, but resulted in unexpected behavior. Do not allow to copy from export do import and vice versa. Cou can copy the mapping and change the direction afterwards.
[Bug] A Breakpoint in the first mapping line did not work and test convert was not possible if one was set.
[Bug] XML Converter could not handle empty table loops with mandatory elements
[Bug] If a function of a table was used and the table was renamed, the function call was not updated
[Bug] Missing ')' in Processing Queue.Description
[Bug] Gaps in Processing Queue's Entry No. due to wrong auto increment was fixed
[Bug] Adding a table did not update the function name list
[Bug] EDI Document-Form: Ignore Status Failed (Hidden) in EDI Processing Queue count
[Bug] Test conversion after normal conversion caused an error if filter are reused
[Bug] XML: Function SYSTEM.CURRENTDATETIME caused an empty output
[Bug] Canceling the F3-Assistant causes an error
[Bug] Delete temp entries from EDI Document when choosing Hide Error as solved on Processing Queue list
[Bug] Field name in properties was not shown
[Bug] EDI Mapping-Form: Missing English caption for "Copy mapping"

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might already contain preparations for future versions.

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