Version 3.00.28 released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.28 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.


[Change] Allow user to reset status from In Processing to Open after confirmation
[Feature] Simple email notification on errors
[Feature] Support for error handling mappings
[Feature] Show job queue error handling options in setup form/page
[Feature] Binary support for file transmissions in remote communication (FTP)
[Feature] Added Remittance Advice as Document Type to EDI Document
[Minor Improvement] Initial support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (fully supported)
[Minor Improvement] [RTC/Windows Client] Allow commands move left, right, up, down for multiple selections
[Minor Improvement] Added links to processing queue and documents from transmission list
[Minor Improvement] [FTP/FTPS] Check remote directory name to be a well-formed path
[Minor Improvement] [EDIFACT/X12] Rename Data Type property to Spec. Data Type, Length Type to Spec. Length Type
[Bug] [XML] Fixed error when trying to read empty XML tag into NAV BLOB
[Bug] [FTP] DropDown in settings was completely blank
[Bug] TESTFIELD did not work on boolean values
[Bug] Fixed that error messages for own communication protocols referenced wrong callback function in error text
[Bug] Exit command caused an error during test conversion
[Bug] [SMTP] Encoding issues fixed
[Bug] Deleting of "Value Translation" header was not possible if lines exists

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might contain preparations for future versions.

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