Jan, 26 | Anveo EDI Connect Version 3.00.32 Released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.32 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.


[Feature] [BREAKING] Support for remote connection keep-alive. New option in communication channel. Behavior without keep-alive changed. 
[Feature] Possibility to show hidden errors in processing queue
[Feature] New document type for 'Technical Acknowledgment' in EDI Document
[Feature] New document type for 'Delivery Forecast' in EDI Document
[Feature] Allow place holders with callback functionality in path, file names etc. 
[Feature] File based communication: Check access rights on directory when importing 
[Feature] Action "Install again" in EDI Setup
[Feature] [TEXT] Allow space by using <SP> in delimiters 
[Minor Improvement] Extended length of multi-language fields from 80 characters to 250
[Minor Improvement] Changed captions to include table name in EDI Cross Reference table
 [Minor Improvement] Field "EDI Cross-Reference"."Internal No.": Added Shipping Agent to TableRelation 
[Minor Improvement] Added Status "Ignored" to EDI Document 
[Minor Improvement] Use windows language table instead of language table internally
[Bug] [EDIFACT] ReadUntilSegment could not process last segment 
[Bug] [EDIFACT] groups were named UC000
[Bug] Registering of documents on master document other than EDI Document did not work
[Bug] Edit action on quick property pane did show too many properties 
[Bug] Deleting a mapping did not delete all linked table entries
[Bug] [EDIFACT] Conditional output did output the composite separator in first segment, even if the element was suppressed and optional
[Bug] Internal data structure: Boolean array could exceed array size
[Bug] Dividing decimal values by an integer caused NAV to crash in certain versions 
[Bug] Assigning text to decimal did not work 

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might contain preparations for future versions.

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