Feb, 01 | Anveo EDI Connect Version 3.00.33 Released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.33 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.


[Bug] [CRITICAL] Since 3.00.32 there was an error message that the file could not be created when sending files to the local file system. This message was shown even when the directory was accessible. An empty file was created in the target directory and the data was not sent.
[Minor Improvement] Classic Client: Expand all is now applied to new lines as well
[Minor Improvement] Reset of Processing Queue in status "In Progress" now also possible in RTC client
[Minor Improvement] Added warning to user on missing description in post-processings
[Minor Improvement] Better lookup on EDI Mappings in post-processings.
[Minor Improvement] Better error messages on missing callback functions or missing FunctionResult calls
[Change] [EDIFACT/X12] Duplicate line did move DataElement and Composite. Now they will stay at the same position.
[Bug] [EDIFACT/X12] Creating new data elements as child of composite was sometimes not possible
[Bug] [EDIFACT/X12] Nested loops were required to process optional segments with filters
[Bug] [EDIFACT/X12] Table loops tried to process branches with invalid filters
[Bug] Lookups on processing-group in post-processings contained invalid values
[Bug] Changing filter field did not always update the available option values

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might contain preparations for future versions.

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