Feb 21 | Anveo EDI Connect Version 3.00.34 Released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.34 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.

Attention: This version ships with a new version of the Remote Components. If you are using the FTP or E-Mail functionality you have to update the remote components. If you don't want to update the components now you can keep the codeunits 5327381..5327383 from the 3.00.33 release.

We removed a field from the table EDI Cue, the data might be filled, but was never used. It is safe to forcefully import the object.



[Minor Improvement] Enhanced encoding support on remote communication components
[Minor Improvement] Improved the EDI Role Center
[Minor Improvement] Show time until overdue in post-processings
[Minor Improvement] Code clean-up (a lot of objects were modified without feature changes)
[Bug] Synchronous Post-Processing loosed linked documents
[Bug] New cross-reference entries could not be created with error table not opened
[Bug] Errors in nested processings were shown twice
[Fixed] A few reports were not correctly upgraded in 3.00.33

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might contain preparations for future versions.

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