WEB: IIS Configuration with SSL only

What This Article Is About

In this article, we will describe the configuration of the Anveo Web Portal in a secure environment using SSL for external communication only. However, the internal communication with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is in a trusted environment, so an unencrypted communication is used for performance reasons.


IIS Configuration How-To

  • The AnveoWebPortal application should be available to external users via SSL (https/443) only.
  • The AnveoWebStore application must be available to the NAV Web Service via http, usually on port 80.


You can either configure this restriction on the IIS itself or in your firewall as a rule. This is a IIS only configuration, listening on port 80 on localhost only (or any other name that is available just internally).



Public Redirect Rule on port http port 80

To automatically forward users using http on port 80 to the correct https/443 address, you may set-up a separate IIS web site listening to all remaining port 80 traffic with a forwarding rule to https://yourservername. This will decrease support cases.


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