APP: Mobile App System Requirements

Minimum Operation System Requirements

Android: >= 4.1
iOS: >= 9
Windows (Desktop): 8.1 & 10

Windows Phone:
The Windows Phone development was discontinued on Microsoft in October 2017. Following this decision, we offer the current Anveo Mobile App for Windows Phone at the October 2017 status. New functions are no longer added.

Free App Testing

Due to the large number of software and hardware combinations, we are unfortunately unable to give any explicit hardware recommendations. The desired hardware can be tested free of charge through the Anveo Mobile App in Google Play, App Store or Microsoft Store. Please download the app and test it with the desired devices.



In addition, we cannot give an exact recommendation for the performance, because the Anveo solutions are very different and therefore place very different demands on the devices. Some Anveo Mobile App solutions require very little memory and CPU capacity, while others require very current and fast devices.

In general, a preliminary test must also be carried out here. We have observed that the speed of the CPU is the decisive factor for a better performance, less the memory.

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