APP: App shows "No users found." on first login.


On your first login with your mobile device, Anveo Mobile App shows an error message No users found.



Anveo Server does not have any information on Anveo Mobile App users. This is caused by a configuration problem.

Anveo Server cannot communicate with Dynamics NAV web service to ask for users because of different reasons:

  • wrong Dynamics NAV Web Service URL
  • a firewall setting that denies access from Anveo Server to NAV web service
  • wrong username and password of Dynamics NAV user that is used in Anveo Server configuration file.
  • default company is wrong or user has not enough NAV permission to access this company.
  • Web service is not active for codeunits Task_Communication or Web_Communication.
  • Web service does not allow NTLM.
  • Because of different character sets, sometimes special characters are not allowed in passwords. Use basic characters only.
  • Server or user logging is turned on, but logging folder does not exists or does not have sufficient permissions. See this article.




  • Check the reason of a communication problem is the Anveo Server Log file.
    You will find this file in folder \Transfer\ANVEOServiceTierLog
    Search for SyncAllAnveoUsers automatically was not successful Exception:
    At the end of this line you will see the detailed error message.

    Then, check your web service settings in Anveo Service Tier.exe.config file.

    Try to open your web service in your browser from your server running Anveo Server using http://servername:7047/DynamicsNAV80/WS/Services
    You should get the following result: The red boxes replaces your instance name.

    If you cannot see this screen, your web services or your NAV user is not set-up properly.

    If you get a result, but you cannot see Task_Communicaton or Web_Communication, activate web services for Anveo in Anveo Client Suite setup:

    Check your Web Services config file, NTLM must be enabled. Restart web services after you have made changes.
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