APP: User Replication fails with error message "AnveoDynamicLinkLibrary"... "SetSX4000V3" or "Internal Server Error"


Anveo User replication fails in Anveo Client Suite Set-Up with an error message AnveoDynamicLinkLibrary.DynamicLinkLibraryClass.SetSX4000V3 failed with this message: The requested failed with HTTP status 404: Not found.
Or a similar message.

Or in Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Client you get Internal Server Error:



Anveo also tries to replicate Anveo Users to Anveo Web Portal, but this connection fails.



  • If you are not using Anveo Web Portal, remove setting Anveo Web Store URL in Anveo Client Suite Setup:


  • If you are using Anveo Web Portal, test if you have entered Anveo Web Store URL correctly and IIS and Anveo Web Store Application Pool is started.



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