APP: RECALCFIELDS Shows Message "Unknown Automation Server. Unknown Class"


Using function ACFManagement.RECALCFIELDS shows an error message Unknown Automation Server. Unknown Class." ... in your Dynamics NAV 2009 system.

Something simlilar like this message:



The function RECALCFIELDS requires the Anveo Automation to be registered.

Note: In Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Client business code in run directly in Classic Client and not on a central server. If you run RECALCFIELDS on a client machine and not on the server, the automation must be installed on the client as well.



Register the automation like described in installation documentation.

Hint: If you need the function on each client, mark records to be recalculated instead of do an instant recalculation. Use a NAS to do recalculations on a server every x minutes.


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