EDI: Supported Communication Protocols

Anveo EDI Connect supports several communication methods.

Without installing any additional software you can communicate via file system. Anveo EDI Connect can retrieve files from any directory that can be accessed by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This includes network paths. There is however a limit on the directory length of 92 characters. 

We also ship an add-in that allows you to retrieve or send files via FTP/POP3/SMTP and other internet based protocols. The add-in is included in the base license. If you're using NAV 2013 or newer you only have to install it on the service-tier. You can also use this add-in to communicate via external service providers, which will give you access to the X.400 network and AS/2.

You can also use any local software. We're, for example, working together with RSSBus, which will allow you to host your own FTP, AS/2 or OFTP2 server.


Further information: Please have a look at our documentation. There is a whole chapter on communication. 

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