ACS: How Do I Prepare A Support Request?

If you have any issues with your Anveo Mobile App or Anveo Web Portal, we are looking forward to help you.

Please find some tips here how to optimize your support request.


1. Search in the Knowledge Base And Community

We have already put together a lot of typical installation and configuration issues in moderated articles in the knowledge base.

Please try to search using your error message or app/web portal behaviour.


2. Prepare A Support Request

If you cannot find any help in our knowledge base or community, please prepare an e-mail with detailed information about your issue. This includes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version
    Examples: 2009 SP1, 2009 R2 Classic Client, 2013, 2013 R2, 2015

  • Anveo Product and Version
    Examples: Anveo Mobile App 4.12 or Anveo Web Portal 4.09

  • Device Or Browser Used?
    Examples: iPhone with version 8.1 or Samsung Galaxy Tab or browser Internet Explorer 11

  • Your Own Solution Or Anveo Solution?
    Are you having problems with your own, customized solution or with our Anveo core installation and base application?

  • Screenshots, Code and Clickpath
    Please provide detailed information about your problem including screenshots of the error message, configuration settings and/or code.
    If you can reproduce the problem, please also provide a clickpath (if applicable).

  • Create Anveo Log Files
    Activate Anveo Server Logging and re-run your task. Please zip these files and send them via e-mail with your support request.

    Activate Server Logging in Anveo Client Suite Setup.

    Set Logging Level in Anveo User to Debug.

    You will find log files in the Logging Folder defined in Anveo Client Suite Setup. Make sure all users have full write rights to this folder and the folder is located on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services server.

  • A New Problem?
    Is this a new problem? Or did it already work in the past?

Please send this information via to We will automatically create a ticket for you and review your case asap.

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