APP: How Do I Set-Up Local Value Calculation? Usage Of OnAfterGetRecord Trigger

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This article describes how to do a calculation on the mobile app using Anveo Script. Example: Calculate total amount of order based on sales lines.



  1. Add a new field Anveo Total Amount in Sales Header table.

  2. Add this field to your Synchronization package mark this field with Do not send
    updates to NAV.

  3. Create a new Action Code that is responsible for your calculation and for opening the Anveo Page.

    Example Code: Coming from Sales Order List, srcRec is also Sales Header.

    local SalesHeader = Record('Sales Header');
    SalesHeader:GET(srcRec:GETVALUE('Document Type'),
    --[[ Put your calculation here...]]
    PAGE_OPEN('SALESORDER', SalesHeader, SalesHeader);

  4. Add your new field to your Sales Header Anveo Page.

    Please note: It is not allowed to do precalulations in OnAfterGetRecord or OnOpen Trigger of the Anveo Page to manipulate the current record.
    These triggers can only be used to do PAGE('SFA',...) commands.


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    Eyrun Ingadottir

    I created a new library where I placed functions to do similar calculations (total order amount, total + VAT, etc.), which I call when I first open the page for an existing order and it works fine.
    However, I'm not sure where I should place code to update the calculation when the user adds new lines to order in the following process:
    Open Sales Header Page -> Add lines (in other pages) -> return to Sales Header.
    My best guess is in Mobile Table Trigger for Table 37 Field Quantity - do you agree or do you have a better suggestion?

    Kind regards,