ACS: Test Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Services

To test a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Service, you can use this test codeunit and test program. This may be used to identify Microsoft Dynamics NAV set-up issues like in a delegation scenario.

How-To Tun This Test

  1. Import fob file (codeunit 50099) in your database.
    If this number is not included in your license or this number is already used by another codeunit, please move it to another number.

  2. Register this codeunit in Web Service table
  3. Start WebServiceTest.exe and enter the following values:

    URL is your Web Service URL including company name and codeunit Web_Service_Test like name in step 2.

    Now enter your credentials username, password and domain.

  4. Press Send
    The result is shown in text message below.
    Test is successful, if you get NAV: WS Call Successful. Input:test

    In case of an error, you will get the error message like for example:
    HTTP-Status 401: Unauthorized.
    Username and password are wrong, or NTLM is not activated. See Knowledge Base Article.


Please download fob file and test program here:

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