APP: Easy Login Feature for App

After downloading and installing Anveo Mobile App, you can simply use a pre-defined QR-code, bar code (Code 128) or a URL link to easily provide the server and login information.


QR-Code / Bar Code Login

Simply press on the QR-Code icon on the start screen and scan your QR- or bar code containing the login information. Syntax for the code see below.


Login Link via E-Mail Or Web Site

You may also provide a link in the following format without a password:

The user will be prompted to enter the password.


For demo accounts, you may also include a password:


Feel free to send out personalized login information via e-mail or share demo account information on your website. Alternatively, print out login information as QR- or bar codes.



An up-to-date Anveo Mobile App version must be installed on the device. If you cannot see the QR-Code button on the start screen, your app must be updated first.



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