APP: Manatee Barcode Scanner for iOS

Beginning with Anveo Mobile App for iOS version 9, Anveo offers an faster barcode scanner engine using the internal camera. The engine improves the detection rate and speed.

This is an optional, third-party feature that must be licensed separately and directly with ManateeWorks. It will become active using a special Anveo Script command. You may request a trial license key for your project at Manatee. Please note, Anveo is the tool-kit provider only. We do not offer and sell Manatee licenses to our partners or clients, nor can we guarantee the feature set or support the barcode scanner software.

The Existing Barcode Scanner Engine in Anveo Mobile App Will Remain Free Of Charge.


For More Information About Pricing Please Register:


Included Barcode-Scanner Command (Free Of Charge)

PAGE('BARCODE', Record, FieldName,'BARCODE');


Manatee Barcode-Scanner Command

PAGE('BARCODE', Record, FieldName,'BARCODE','MANATEE', 'ManateeLicenseKey');


Required Information For Manatee License Key Order

  • Title/Project Description: Your Application Title and Project Description
  • Number Of Devices: Select a package from above
  • Framework: Yes / XAMARIN



  • Supported Plattform(s): iOS
  • Technical Application Names: com.anveonav.anveomobile



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